Success skills are for everyone – not just entrepreneurs

For a variety of reasons, I have recently immersed myself in the world of ‘successful mind set’ training and its been powerful stuff. Reading and listening to the strategies adopted by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs opened a new world of ideas and opportunities for me but made me wonder – why is this type of inspirational material primarily targeted at entrepreneurs? There are so many simple but effective techniques and tools that literally everyone could benefit from.

If we adopted simple strategies for our personal and professional life, more people would have better control over their lives, be happier, more fulfilled and not ‘sleepwalk’ through it as many do. If we taught our young people these basic skills, they would be better prepared to navigate an ever-changing world.

Darren Hardy, author of “The Compound effect” outlines an incredibly simple and effective approach to success by setting goals, tracking bad habits inhibiting that goal and then making seemingly insignificant positive changes, repeated on a consistent basis over time. His advice relates as much to personal goal setting as it does to business success.

The power of goal setting is common amongst the great leaders and authors, as is accountability. Checking in on your goals and measuring success is key. Interestingly many also adopt an ‘accountability’ system where personal goals are shared with a peer group and reviewed on a regular basis. Being open to receiving feedback from others is something that many of us shy away from other than as part of our annual performance review. What if we had to check in every week about that diet we were on? Or that exercise programme we promised to do? or that evening course we keep talking about? If we did, we would be more ‘on target’ and more likely to achieve that goal.

Surrounding ourselves with positive people and influencers is also a common trait of successful entrepreneurs.

“You are the average of the five people you spend most time with” Jim Rohn, American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.

Is that true for you? Who do you surround yourself with?

It seems to me that these simple but powerful strategies should form a core part of professional development for employees at all levels of an organisation – not just for the upcoming leaders. If staff were helped to set goals and taught strategies on how to achieve them, then surely, they would be more fulfilled, loyal and productive?

Our young people could benefit hugely too from ‘success’ training through our education system. Providing children with simple techniques to adopt a more positive mind set would be more beneficial than simply teaching awareness of mental health issues. Prevention rather than cure.

Teaching children simple strategies such as how to create and achieve positive goals through small, simple, repetitive steps would equip them with a key life skill.

Success strategies are powerful life tools for everyone. If you haven’t explored the world of successful leaders then I advise everyone to start reading and watching now!


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