In a highly competitive marketplace, marketing strategy for the education sector is largely driven by student recruitment goals and is often inhibited by limited marketing budgets.  Marketing for this sector requires a deep understanding of the prospective student profile, strong profile building activities and innovative recruitment strategies that maximize the power of digital marketing and social media engagement.


Niamh worked as Director of Marketing and Communications at Uversity, an innovative a start-up not- for- profit institution targeting international postgraduate creative arts students from around the world.  She also worked as Marketing and Communications Manager with IT Carlow, a regional Institute of Technology.

Niamh gained valuable insights about the education sector working with these very different institutions and utilized innovative digital marketing tools to target a niche market and maximize return on small marketing budgets.

How we help

We can assist education institutions:

  • Develop and implement marketing and student recruitment plans
  • Develop brand identity
  • Map student purchasing life cycle and create student persona for laser targetting
  • Create and manage virtual recruitment fairs
  • Social media management
  • Develop alumni testimonials
  • Email marketing
  • Video marketing

Sample Work


Over a period of two years, Uversity and its flagship programme, the MA in Creative Process was marketed to a global student base primarily in North America, UK, South America and Europe. With limited resources, the primary activities included:

  • Inbound marketing – a series of guest blogs were commissioned to help position Ireland as a destination of choice for international students
  • Social media engagement – developed an active and engaged audience on Facebook and Twitter
    Video marketing – A series of videos were developed featuring current students
  • 2015 Video 
  • 2016 Video 
  • Online advertising – Targeted facebook, adwords and twitter advertising campaigns were used to target students geographic areas
  • Direct marketing:a series of direct marketing campaigns were created to target students interested in travelling abroad and specific Universities in key locations
  • Virtual events: hosted a series of virtual events where prospective students could chat with Uversity staff and students.
  • New website: developed in 2017


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