Technology companies use many standard marketing activities to achieve growth.  In addition there are specific skill sets required when marketing highly technical information to an informed audience.

Technical marketing requires the ability to achieve balance between technical information and accessible content.  Often the content creators struggle to separate themselves from the detail and presume the audience has the same level of knowledge and interest in the technical detail.  In reality, regardless of who you are speaking to, the same principles apply: Know your audience – Understand their need – Sell the benefit that meets the need.  Translating technical data into meaningful and relevant content is a specialist skill acquired from experience.

Technology companies often need to target a very specific niche audience and require expertise to ensure activity is designed to achieve maximum effect.


Niamh is a highly experienced technical marketer having worked as Marketing Director with the Innovation Value Institute (IVI) for four years.  IVI is a collaborative IT research organisation founded by Maynooth University, Intel and BCG. During her time at IVI, she worked closely with IT leaders of global organisations including; BNY Mellon; Ernst & Young; BCG; Chevron; Intel; SAPP; Mainstream Renewable Power; ICS; Wipro Technologies’ Xilinx; Cisco and TNO.

How we help

We have carried out a wide range of projects for technology companies ranging from project management to virtual marketing director.  Activities include:

  • Develop and implement marketing plan
  • Target market profiling
  • Global event management
  • Virtual events and community management
  • Technical Marketing: Creating sales copy and collateral from technical data
  • Digital marketing including e-newsletter
  • Case history development including research, content generation, design and production
  • Website and social media management

Samples of work

Innovation Value Institute

IVI was established in 2006 is to research, develop and disseminate IT best practice through collaboration between leading academic and industry practitioners. Over a period of four years, Niamh worked as Marketing and Communications Manager on a contract basis and was responsible for all aspects of marketing planning and implementation.

Projects included:

Events: Planned and delivered two global summits each year in Ireland and USA for four years. Work included development of event programme, recruit speakers; design workshops; arrange training; source sponsors; promote event; manage event logistics; manage budget.
Digital Marketing:   Developed, launched and managed new Drupal website; created monthly e-newsletter including editorial copy, content management and design; Delivered monthly online meetings and presentations.
Brand Management: Developed suite of collateral including brochures, case histories, presentations and tender documents

  • Over the course of four years, the IVI global summit from a bi-annual member meeting of 50 people to an international ‘must attend’ event for international CIO’s attracting attendance of 160 with registration fee (non-members) and sponsorship revenue
  • Developed suite of case histories demonstrating benefits experienced by members such as Intel, Chevron, Mainstream Renewable Power using IVI’s innovative IT Critical Capability Framework (IT-CMF).
  • Created and nurtured an online community of 900 IT-CMF practitioners

“Niamh is an enthusiastic marketing professional, dedicated to connecting with community members, understanding their needs, and providing them with valuable information and services. I had the pleasure of working very closely with Niamh for the 2014 IVI Spring Summit, and was impressed by her smooth integration of the many marketing and logistical details for the event. I recommend Niamh for her work-ethic, attention to execution, and her drive to deliver great service.”

Matt Craig, Certified Strategic Change Catalyst, BNY Mellon, United States